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This is Ros. For the past twenty years she has been living for a large part of the year on Spetses and the rest in Derbyshire. She is an internationally well known artist and her work often reflects her passion for the local flora and landscape of the island.


Here is her Spetses blog. She will write up about her own daily life on the island and will contribute on an 'ad hoc' basis, when she feels that she has something to share.


Her first blog for our new 'refreshed' SpetsesDirect is entitled 'Summer 2013'.


Happy reading!

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  • John Whiskerd (Saturday, February 15 14 10:35 am GMT)

    You look sparkly!

  • Keith Galpin (Thursday, May 08 14 11:03 pm BST)

    Dear Ros,
    Came across your blog and it triggered a host of memories. After all, we must have visited this magical island over 30 times during our 50 years together and that's quite a chunk.
    I'm still trying to make sense of life without Jenny since she died two years ago but life goes on and so must I. So I'm thinking of coming back to Spetses, just for a short, trial visit. Not sure
    when, but it could be this September. Anyway, ask your readers to look out for a vaguely familiar if older and still very white figure not pushing a wheelchair. Ask them to say hello - I won't
    remember their names ( in many cases we never did know names since Jenny was a great one for extravagant greeting of total strangers) so I feel part of the community again.
    Love to you and Kariofillis - at least I can remember his name.

  • Marg Lester (Saturday, August 02 14 01:09 pm BST)

    I live in Winster and have the set of your Wakes Posters. I am asking for your permission to make a calendar of them and/or a 500 piece jigsaw of one of them. All the profit will go to the village
    shop which we want to keep going, and this would help. Thank you.

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