August 2014

I can't believe we are into August and I have not found time to write something. The summer is rushing by this year. There have just been so many things going on.


Easter seems an age ago, but as usual we had a terrific time up the mountain with Takis and Penny and a host of friends, with much singing and dancing. St George's day followed on its heels with live music at the pretty church at Zogheria - more wine and dancing.

The next major event was the Spetsathlon which was a huge success, attracting hundreds of participants. Then we had a classic car rally with lots of beautiful old vehicles driving from Corinth and ending up outside the Poseidonion hotel. I wished I still had my lovely old MG that I used to tour around England in with K, to meet all his English friends from past holidays. After that it was the classic boat regatta with some absolutely stunning examples in all classes. Spetses is fast being known for these sort of events and it certainly brings many people to the island which is good as although tourism is really up this year in many parts of Greece, we are not getting so many foreign visitors here . There are mainly Greeks and mostly at the weekends. It also seems to be the island to get married on these days with big flash do's most weekends at Aghia Marina or Zogheria.

June was such a busy month for us with our Australian friend Niki's 60th. birthday. We had a mass invasion from down under, Scotland and England and a wonderful party at Kaiki beach. 


In between all this, I managed to carry on with my painting as I had three commissions. I also had to do my garden which has been splendid this year and generally cope with the day to day life here. July was mainly quiet and a much needed more relaxing time with lots of swimming as the sea warmed up and searching the beaches for my treasure and tending my plants.


My health has not been so good and have had to have a trip back to the hospital in England but the best medicine for me is the light, warmth and sea here. So if you have to have something badly wrong I couldn't be in a nicer place.
I am not really meant to drink on my medications but we recently had a wine tasting event here with growers from the Peloponnese. Three euros gave you a glass and then you could sample as many as you liked. Not a difficult task for our company! I discovered a delicious sparkling wine that I seriously sampled!

I am now busy painting and framing for a forthcoming exhibition at Orloff which will run until the Amata festival, so fingers crossed for some sales. 
It will be fun this year as my brother will be with us and a friends boat is being blown up. What a send off for an old vessel that has given them hours of pleasure, but sadly now is beyond repair.


Lastly on a sadder note a lovely young man called Ben Dwyer died this week and the funeral was the most moving I have attended here. There were so many young people and a lovely speeches from the Mayor and his friends. He recently joined the fire service here and was dedicated to the island. My heart goes out to his devastated parents.


I will try and not leave it so long next time.


Hoping you are all having a good summer wherever you are .





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