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Event starts just after sunset, approximately 9pm

Officially, Easter starts tonight with quiet church services, followed by sombre processions from the old harbour and the opposite end of the seafront, Kounoupitsa, all coming together on the Dapia. 


Each procession will hold an 'Epitafios' (an imitation of Christ's funeral bier) aloft at the front, with as many as 6-8 bearers. The epitafios' were decorated all through last night (Thursday) with an abundance of colourful fresh flowers. Spetsiots (mainly women and children) valiantly sorted, sewed and threaded flowers in local churches ready for tonight's ceremony.


The church procession of Analypsi in Kokinari will wind its way down to the old harbour seafront and meet and follow on behind the Ayios Nikolaos procession at their church courtyard. Brown candles are carried by the crowds behind, to signify the death of Christ. At the same time, processions from Kounoupitsa will slowly walk towards Ayios Georgios on the Dapia and arrive at the same time as the old harbour led procession and this will end with another church service.

What's On

* Easter Sunday 20/04/14

* May Day 01/05/14*

* Pentecost/Ag. Pnevmatos 09/06/14

* Virgin Mary 15/08/14*

   * Same dates each year

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