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If you haven't already registered it's too late as the Spetses Marathon is this weekend!

Spetses Marathon (Courtesy of Christine Pohl)

Great Armata 13 September 2014 Photographs! Courtesy of Joanne Poore and Lefteris Bratopoulos.

What's On


> Opening Ceremony for Spetses Marathon Friday 10/10

Spetses Cross Channel Swim & 10k run Saturday 11/10

Spetses Marathon & 5k run Sunday 12/10

> * St Nikolaos Name Day 06/12

   * Same dates each year

Many of you will have known Dutch Bert who shared a house at Aghia Anarghiri. He died peacefully at his home in Holland on 12 August.
He loved Spetses and managed one last trip to the island this year, even though he was so ill. He will be sadly missed by many. RIP Bert 

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