Caiques or Kaiki's

Caiques are traditionally small, wooden fishing boats. They have, over the past couple of decades, been used to transport tourists from place to place. Spetses, being famous for its boat building, it is not short of a few and the larger ones are used to take holiday makers to the beaches each day.


These boats are moored at the main jetty, called 'Dapia' and they have signs on them advertising their beach destination. Most go to Ayia Anargyri and Ayia Paraskevi, Zogheria beach and across to the mainland to the port and beach of Kosta.

They usually work in strict rotation. When the first boat fills up, they will head for the beach (approximately 10.30am) and then the next one will fill up and so on. The last one usually leaves between 12.30 - 1pm. You have to return on the boat that you travelled on in the morning. The first boat to leave in the morning will be the first boat to leave the beach and then so on. (Boats depart beaches from between 4 - 6pm). The boatman will tell you what time they will depart in the afternoon, when you pay for your ticket on the outward journey.


They have fixed prices. Prices are €3 each way to Kosta and €8 return to Anargyri/Ayia Paraskevi.

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