Emergency Services in Spetses

Fire Service

Fire is a major hazard on Spetses and there is no fire station on the island. Please dial 199 if it is not possible for you to deal with the fire yourself. There is a small fire truck but it's range is limited. Any fires are tackled by locals, so if you discover a fire and it is small enough to safely tackle yourself, you should do so.


If however it is out of control you must call for help by dialling 199, then you should get clear of the area.


Obviously you are requested to alert anyone you see to the fire as well. The word FIRE attracts instant attention and assistance from all within earshot, especially if it is yelled loudly.


Spetses has been hit by fires quite badly over the last two decades and large areas have been affected. Fortunately, there has been pine re-growth and fire breaks have been put in when re-planting has taken place. 


Please be extra vigilant, particularly when in the forest. Camp fires are illegal and if smoking out of doors, please make sure that your cigarette is put out very properly.


The police station is located at the back of the Dapia harbour, to the far right. This is where you should go to report a stolen passport, or any other crime while you are on the island. Unfortunately very few of the police speak languages other than Greek, although most have a few pleasantries in their vocabulary. It is therefore much better to find a Greek speaking person to call on your behalf or to accompany you.


There is a tendency for the phone to be put down on you if they don't understand what you are saying. Try to speak slowly and very clearly if you have to make a report.


The police force is supplemented during the summer months when the island gets lots of visitors. Quite a few of the temporary policemen do speak second languages.

The police station on the island is manned during the day. If you need to visit, go between 8:30-11:30 in the mornings or 6:00-8:30 in the evenings to stand a better chance of someone in real authority being in.




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