Medical & Emergency Services for Spetses Island Greece

Spetses Island Greece isn't exactly large and considering there are just over 3,500 people living here the island, doesn't really need the sort of medical and emergency services that you would expect to find in a city. Once you get used to the different pace and way of doing things, Spetses does have most services available for minor problems and strives to keep everyone as safe as possible. 


The quick dial number for emergencies in Greece is 199 for Police, Fire or Accident. On Spetses if you need the emergency services and are a non-Greek speaking visitor, it will be easier for you to dial 199 and speak to someone in your own language to explain the emergency. You will be transferred to the island but your problem will have been explained first. If you have a Greek local who can call for you, it will be quicker for them to phone the service you want directly and for them to explain the emergency.

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