About Gregory Thimaras

I am Greek/English, my father is Greek and my mum is English. I have lived on the beautiful Island of Spetses my whole life.

My three siblings and I have grown up very close to nature with our many pets and farm animals. My Grandfather owned horses and two of my uncles still do, which are used for Buggy work (a small horse drawn open carriage). So although I have been around horses most of my life, it was at the age of fourteen that my passion for horses was ignited, when my father gifted my mum a foal. Since then I haven't looked back!

Our horses are part of our family. I have completely trained them myself, following a very thorough process of horsemanship that is closest to the horses natural way as possible. This ensures they are confident, reliable, content, but most important of all, safe to be ridden by guests of all ages and abilities.

My mum trained with the British Horse Society to become a riding instructress. Shortly after learning the basics from her I took it upon myself to educate myself on all aspects of horsemanship, their groundwork and ridden training, their everyday care and welfare, to ensure my horses are happy and healthy on a daily basis.

After two years of preparation and following my graduation from school I decided to start my trekking business to share the joy of horses riding on Spetses. To give the many guests that visit the island the chance to see the hidden beauty and views that are otherwise very difficult to access.


Rebecca is Chestnut, she is 13 years old and stands at 1.35m
Rebecca is the smallest but the head of the herd, she's the boss! 
She has a strong character, she pulls faces at the other horses to remind them of their place. She is a very safe and relaxed horse. She loves children, she has so much patience and really looks after her rider.


Robbie is the gentleman of the family, he is 7 years old and stands at 1.50m When Robbie first arrived he was a very unconfident horse, non of the mares like him, which didn't help! Throughout his training his true character shone through. He loves his rubs and wants lots of attention. He really enjoys his treks and is a content, safe horse.


Olivia is dappled grey, she is 5 years old and stands at 1.60m.

Olivia has been in our family since she was 3months old. She has a very nosey character, her curiosity is endless. She loves people and can never resist the chance to lick you.


She is a relaxed horse but always very attentive to her rider


Milly is Chestnut, she is 7 years old and stands at 1.70m. Milly is a retrained English thoroughbred. She is a very intelligent, relaxed and confident horse. Despite her height, I can trust her to look after the most inexperienced rider, even a small child, with no doubt in my mind. 
She will carry you anywhere and everywhere you wish.

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