May Day

1st May is May Bank Holiday

May Day is generally celebrated on the 1st of May. Even though it is now associated with a bank holiday for workers hence it also being known as Labour Day, on Spetses the ancient pagan "festival of the flowers" once associated with Demeter and Persephone, is celebrated with enthusiasm.


On the rare occasions that Greek Easter Sunday falls on or near 1st May, the more ancient, somewhat pagan holiday "Festival of the Flowers" may be delayed or rescheduled.


Since May Day corresponds with the peak of the flower season in Spetses you will find May wreaths, made with flowers gathered from the hills of Spetses, decorating shops, homes, doorways, balconies, in chapels, and many other places.


The banks, post office and municipal offices are closed on the 1st of May. If the 1st happens to land on a Friday or Monday, anyone wanting to travel to or from Spetses that weekend would be advised to book their dolphin ticket early! 

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