Saints Days

Ayia Marina 17 July

Ayia Marina is celebrated on 17 July every year. Hundreds of worshipers walk to the little church of Ayia Marina in the early evening. Located above the beach of Ayia Marina (also known as 'Paradise beach' ) the walk is a pleasant one.


Along the beach and then up the winding little path overlooking the sea, the sandy coloured chapel is perched on a rocky mound, and it is here the congregation gather to light candles, pray, kiss the icon and take part in the yearly service of Saint Marina.

Ayia Paraskevi 26 July

Ayia Paraskevi is celebrated on the morning of the 26th July with a service at the small chapel on the beach of Ayia Paraskevi. However, the main evening celebrations are celebrated the evening before, on the 25th. People usually start travelling round by bus, boat or motorbike by about 5pm and the celebrations carry on until about midnight. Most of the islanders do attend this celebration and convoys of motorbikes come and go all through the evening. Boats leave from the Dapia jetty and the bus puts on extra services and departs from the town beach.


The programme varies every year - sometimes solo singers, sometimes full bands or just a DJ, but there are always lots of stalls selling local crafts, toys, ceramics, books etc along the sandy track behind the beach.


The chapel is open and visitors are welcome to light a candle and pray to the icon of Ayia Paraskevi (Saint Paraskevi).

Ayios Pnevmatos/Pentecost in June

Ayios Pnevmatos is the holiday of the Holy Spirit (Pentecost) and is celebrated over a period of three days - Saturday, Sunday and Monday. This is a holiday for the whole of Greece and is a movable feast, which means that it is a different date each year.

Once we know when Greek Easter is, then we can work out when Ayios Pnevmatos is! It is the seventh Sunday after Easter. However, it is usually early June with the Monday being the actual feast day.


Ayios Pnevmatos is a very busy holiday in Spetses and shops, bars and restaurants fill up with tourists from all over the world. Athenians definitely like this holiday too, and start travelling down on the Friday evening.

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